CoolSculpting is a new and exciting development in non-surgical fat reduction. For many years I have looked at different machines that are used to reduce fat and there are numerous machines on the market, all of which I have tried. The problem has been that I have not been impressed by any of these machines, that is, until the CoolSculpting machine appeared.

CoolSculpting is an innovative technique that uses controlled cooling to freeze and  permanently remove fat cells from the body, with no invasive surgery or down time.

How does CoolSculpting work?

The ideal candidate for this procedure is within 5 to 15 kilos of their ideal body weight. This is if you have an area of  fat you can grab, CoolSculpting would be a great non-surgical way of saying good-bye to that bulge permanently.

It  works by pulling your fat bulge between two cooling plates by a strong vacuum and the fat cells are frozen inside your fat bulge, for one hour. This kills about 25-30% of your fat cells in this area, whilst your skin and blood vessels are untouched.

After one hour we massage the area, and the freezing process mixed with the massage, helps to break down your fat cells and increase the death (Apoptois) of these fat cells. The skin will be numb for a few months after the procedure.

The procedure is not very uncomfortable and well tolerated without any analgesia. Over the ensuing two to three weeks any swelling will decrease and a lot of the fat cells will die. The cell death will be handled by your immune system and the released fat will be absorbed into your body and eliminated in the same way that all other fats are eliminated from your body.

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Having had this performed on many patients as well as from personal experience, this is an excellent technique and reduces the thickness of the fat by 20-25%. There is no downtime and normal activities can be continued after the procedure. There are no cuts and the complication rate is virtually non-existent.

Common areas that can be treated are the abdomen, the hips, the waist, the medial (inner) thigh, the arms, and the back roll, which tends to hang over the bra just below the armpits (bra fat). If an area of fat can be pulled out and grabbed, this area can be reduced in thickness by CoolSculpting. There is also a new applicator, which has just between released which can be used for the lateral thigh. (out or thigh bulges)

When comparing this to liposuction, liposuction is an operation which involves minimal, but small scars and whilst liposuction will reduce the fat more radically than with CoolSculpting, there is also a lot more downtime with liposuction.

A few final words

I am very excited about the possibilities of CoolSculpting for my patients and of those that have had this procedure, have also been extremely pleased with the results. So in conclusion, this is a new and unbelievable technology that will revolutionise the fat reducing industry.

An appropriate applicator is selected for a particular body area. Once correctly fitted a stay vacuum pulls the fat bulge into the applicator where there are two coding plates. Within the application the fat is essentially frozen for one hour. This process is called apoptosis. The only cells to be affected by the cold are the fat cells. Whilst your skin and blood vessels remain unharmed. Conservatively you will see a 20-25% permanent loss of fat in that area. Same areas may be treated twice for more dramatic sculpting.