Inverted Nipples

Many women are concerned and ‘hung up’ about having inverted nipples.

Inverted nipples occur due to the fact that lactiferous ducts are too short and do not allow nipple to protrude normally.

There are 3 grades of inverted nipples:

Grade 1: The inverted nipples come out fairly easily by applying little coercion or by gentle manipulation.

Grade 2: The inverted nipples are able to be pulled out but go back as soon as they are released.

Grade 3: The inverted nipples are not able to be pulled out.

These are different operations described to deal with inverted nipples depending on their grade. Depending on whether a woman is of child bearing age and would like to breast feed or if she is considering bearing children different operations are considered.

The options are:

Grade 1: A form of nipple piercing that needs to be worn for 3 months. This stitches the ducts over that form and this corrects the inverted nipple. This is good for grade 1 or 2 inverted nipples.

Grade 2: An operation with a small scar at the base of the nipple. The ducts are teased out to try and stretch the scored ducts. A purse string is used to stop the nipple from drawing back in again. This operation is good for grade 1 or 2 inverted nipples.

Grade 3: An operation the same as described in grade 2 above except the ducts are divided. This is for people who are not concerned about breast feeding.

This is usually recommended for grade 3 inverted nipples but can also be done for grade 1 and 2. The reinversion rate for 3 operation is the lowest of all three techniques.

All of these operations can be performed under local anaesthetic in my rooms or in a day surgery centre. The results are a better appearing nipple with minimal scars.