In our practice we are committed to using evidence based technology and products. It is important to us that what we offer our patients actually works and that great results are achieved.

Caminer Original Skin™ is no exception to this rule – being clinically formulated to achieve the best results science currently has to offer. With a backstory of extensive research by leading experts, published results in respected peer review journals, we feel this product is worthy of our stamp.

We have called it Caminer Original Skin because the ingredients contained are of the highest quality, delivered in the correct formulation and at the optimal concentration to deliver results for newer, fresher looking skin.

This carefully balanced formula maintains its integrity by design. The use of opaque vacuum pump bottles ensures that products maintain efficacy both in storage and when being used; each time every time.

No nonsense effective easy to use quality products to achieve your amazing youthful and glowing original skin!

We decided to put to rest all the confusion and use a clear numbering system so there is no more searching for what product to use next. Simply line them up and with consistent daily use the results will speak for themselves.

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