A breast lift is an excellent operation in the correct hands. The scarring and techniques are very similar to the techniques of breast reductions.

The scarring is that of a lollipop scar. The nipple areola complex is moved up into a more aesthetic position and the breast mound reconstructed around this.  I often use an augmentation flap which uses some of your own breast tissue to fill in the upper pole of your breast. I do not like and do not perform a peri-areola breast lift nor a skin only breast lift.

The peri-areola breast lift is also known as the Benelli mastopexy or Benelli procedure. I feel that this flattens the breast and the scarring from this technique is unfortunately to me an unacceptable widened areola scar with widening and enlargement of the areola.

The skin only breast lift technique I believe to be inadequate as one does not deal with the ptotic or fallen breast tissue. This technique will have an early and a high ptotic recurrence rate and hence I do not perform skin only mastopexys.