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Many of my female patients request Labiaplasty, which is an operation that changes the external appearance of their genitalia. Labiaplasty is in fact, one of the most common operations used to change the external genitalia of women and is one that I frequently perform for my patients.

Labiaplasty requires skilled precision and a trained eye to achieve the best possible outcomes for each and every patient. After all, from an aesthetic point of view, the client is requesting surgery to a very intimate part of her body, which may have caused her embarrassment or discomfort for many years.

So I believe that labiaplasty is best performed by specialised plastic surgeons, as they have the expertise and the trained aesthetic eye that is vital to achieving a successful outcome with minimal scarring.

Labia Minora (Labiaplasty)

Generally, women who request surgery involving their labia minora (or inner lips) have either been born with large or irregular shaped labia minora or have suffered trauma during childbirth.

The over-riding concern for these women is that their labia minora are too big and bulky or are out of shape, which causes them embarrassment during sexual intimacy or discomfort from tight clothing.

The operation is not complicated and the recovery fairly quick with minimal scarring. I perform a peripheral trimming of the labia minora, which I believe gives the best results with minimal scarring, which overtime becomes almost imperceptible.

Other plastic surgeons after perform a wedge resection, rather than peripheral trimming, however I have found that this leaves more of an internal scar with the discoloured wrinkly edges of the labia majora still present.

The operation is short, taking only an hour or so to complete and is usually performed under a general aesthetic, although it can be done under local anaesthetic; it is a day only procedure.

I usually use interrupted sutures as opposed to a continuous suture, as I find that following removal of the sutures in seven days, the scarring, as I mentioned earlier, is minimal. Following a labiaplasty, the labia are swollen for a few weeks, however daily showering is encouraged and by three weeks post operation, I believe sexual intercourse can be resumed comfortably.

Mons Pubis

Another area of concern is the Mons pubis and the most frequent complaint by women is a prominent or fatty Mons. The most suitable and most effective solution to reducing the size of the Mons is liposuction to the Mons pubis.

This is a very simple procedure, performed under general anaesthetic and taking only 45 minutes to complete. The results can be quite astounding and women who request this operation are always extremely pleased with the results.

In many abdominoplasties that I perform many women have a fatty and prominent mons pubis. I liposuck this at the time of the abdominoplasty to give an optimum result.

Labia Majora

I do not perform as many operations on labia majora as I do with the labia minora, however the main complaint is a loss of bulk which is best solved with fat injections, although temporary fillers can also be used in this area.

A few final words

The procedures are fairly simply and easily corrected. If this area is of concern to you don’t hesitate to seek advice.  Don’t be embarrassed about asking advice.  If it is normal and I believe an operational is not indicated I will tell you so.

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