Tailored Skin Treatments

Here at the Caminer Laser Clinic, besides our outstanding patient care and customer service, we have carefully selected two ranges of products that we feel do more than just sit on the skin and smell good.

Many products that are purchased over the counter are great in that they add moisture and encourage people to be more attentive to their skin regime. But more often than not these products don’t do much about changing the quality of the skin and on occasion they can cause harm.

What we aim to achieve with our tailored skin treatments is to make a difference at a cellular level. This means that our goal is to improve the overall skin quality, promote elasticity, minimise fine lines and to repair damage caused by sun, age and lifestyle. There is no skin we couldn’t treat – there is often room for improvement and we are happy to assist.

Dr. Caminer has put his name to a formulation that was developed scientifically to address popular skin conditions and that is suitable for many if not most skin types. Caminer Original Skin has been researched with results proven across the board. We feel that with correct use you can get closer to achieving the radiance of your more youthful skin. We don’t believe in miracles but we can promise with our suggested regime that your skin quality will improve remarkably.

It goes without saying that each of us has very different skin quality and coupled with genes and lifestyle choices we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. We have therefore supplemented the Caminer Original Skin range with the Osmosis product which we feel is a beautiful and complimentary system. Both of these products are offered if appropriate to use with each other and equally they can be used individually – the point is we look at your skin, we have a chat and we work out what is the best solution to achieve the best results for you.

In our seventeen years of practice and treating many patients that the knowledge we have gained over this time can be passed on to you freely. The products are not overly expensive when you consider the potential results and for patients who require laser and deeper treatments our products will support your results perfectly.

If all you are after is a pampering red-carpet-glow experience we are more than happy to accommodate. But if you want to make ongoing changes to the quality of your skin, a more radiant completion and improvement on fine lines and sun damage then we offer each individual a tailored skin treatment and guidance on recapturing your youthful original skin.

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