The Pearl and Pearl Fractional procedure is a resurfacing procedure done with the laser. The laser that is used is a recently discovered wavelength of 2790nm.

The good thing about the Pearl is that it improves the texture and the lines and wrinkles on the face as well as improving sun damage pigmentation or dyschromia of the skin.

The procedure works by the laser treating the top layers of the skin with pulses of light. Once the laser removes the superficial layers of the skin, this produces heat which is transmitted to the deeper layers of the skin to provide some contraction of the collagen in the dermis, providing longer term benefits.

A natural protective dressing forms in the skin to minimise the downtime during the recovery phase. On day 3-6 the natural dressing will peel off like a sunburn, leaving a healthy vibrant skin underneath. This skin will be red for a further 3-4 days which then settles.

The skin appears soft, smooth and clear with an improvement in the fine lines. Results will be noted by approximately day 4 when the superficial tissue has peeled away leaving the fresh new skin underneath. After the treatment your skin will look and feel sunburned. Vaseline is applied to the skin for 3-6 days.

No sunscreens can be worn at this time so protective clothing should be  worn to limit sun exposure to the face. Some patients require two treatments based approximately one month apart to achieve the desired results. Others might only need one treatment. The Pearl treatment can be combined with laser genesis, skin tightening, dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections.

Pearl offers a very effective treatment to address the fine lines, uneven texture and the discolouration without much downtime as compared with the erbium and CO2 lasers. When comparing the Pearl to Fraxel treatments, the Pearl offers results in just one treatment rather than 4-6 Fraxel treatments.

Pearl Fractional is more aggressive than the Pearl and penetrates the deeper dermis, removing damaged tissue such as photodamage, scarring, fine lines and other imperfections. New collagen is produced and the recovery is typically one week.

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