David’s Passion For Art


My love and passion for surgery has flowed naturally into a love of art, as both surgeons and artists have a similar creative flair to their work and a love of humanity.

For example, I am a patient man and I love my work. I am excellent with my hands and enjoy not only performing surgery, but also the interaction with my patients as well.

My aftercare support is excellent and I speak to all of my patients personally on the telephone should they have a query or problem. In fact, all my patients have my mobile phone number and I answer all of their questions myself and deal with any post-operative issues immediately.

Following the surgery, I see my patients regularly, from taking out drains within the first week, to personally removing all my own sutures. I generally continue to see patients at about 3 weeks, 6-8 weeks, 3-4 months and then and 6-12 months post-operatively.

The link between surgery and art.

I explain all of this to help you understand that my love of art and the creative process stems from my passion for my work – creativity is my defining quality and I feel that performing surgery is very much like an artist creating a piece of art.

It is as if there is a connection between the hands, the soul and the artist’s medium, all of which comes together to create an outcome that is both beautiful and true to the essence of the medium.

Over the years, I have appreciated art at many levels, both as a collector and a participator, and as a viewer. Even more so, I appreciate the artist’s effort, their passion and their talent, all of which is infused into their creations in equal measure.

I feel that as a surgeon, I am similar to an artist who uses his creativity to reveal the hidden beauty within his medium and so in a similar way, I use my creativity and vision to help my patients achieve their most positive outcome.

This brings me to the two artists that I have chosen to feature on this website, Craig Ruddy and Brycen Horne. They have been selected for two very important reasons – their work strongly relates to my belief and vision for my clinic.

It is fair to say that my clinic is dedicated to excellence and without a doubt, an inborn dedication to excellence is present in both of these world renowned Australian artists.

I believe that both skill and creativity, combined with acts of true diligence and an inherent ability, will always outperform an average result. To achieve a superior result we have to first have believe in ourselves and then visualise the outcome. It is at this point that our talents and skills can create something both beautiful and unique.

Why we have used art as opposed to before and after photographs

In this day and age of high tech computer technology, it is a sad fact that true artistry can be artificially created and manipulated. This is why I do not agree with showing before and after, pre and post photographs of surgeries that I have performed.

My belief is that surgeons who do this, only show a few good results and that if one does enough surgery, it is no hardship to collect a few good photos of outstanding results. Unfortunately, the mediocre or poor results are not shown and so I believe this method of displaying photographs has become more of a sales gimmick, than a way to provide correct and realistic information to patients.

So I prefer my prospective patients to actually talk to my previous patients and by doing this, they can find out more about who I am as a surgeon, than any number of before and after photos cannot demonstrate.

Talking to previous patients gives prospective clients the freedom to make up their own mind about my abilities as a surgeon and how I relate to my patients.

Featured artists

Without further ado, I am pleased to introduce to you two world renowned Australian artists of outstanding ability and talent:

Craig Ruddy

This artist’s creativity stems from his years as a design and fashion illustrator, landscape designer and commercial art director. It was not until Craig was in his 30’s that he decided to quit his ‘day job’ and dedicate himself exclusively to his love of art.

Crag’s notoriety and fame was initiated by his 2004 Archibald Prize winning and controversial portrait of actor David Gulpilil, called ‘Two Worlds’. This was followed by the Archibald People’s Choice Prize in 2010 for his portrait of writer and director Warwick Thornton, called ‘Prince of Darkness’.

Over the years there are been other awards and Craig Ruddy’s canvases have been shown in galleries around the world – I am honoured to include him as a featured artist.


Brycen Horne

This world renowned and highly regarded stills photographer started his career hand printing and processing black and white film at The Sydney Darkroom. He moved on to shooting time lapse images (after finding a 16mm Bolex in a garage sale) and then moved on to work as a clapper loader and focus puller.

During these early years, Brycen continued to hone his skills and develop his talent and his artistry. He eventually became a director of photography and his works include music videos, films and commercials.

Throughout his career, Bryce has maintained a continuing love for still photography and he takes his inspiration from the ocean, empty landscapes and the human form. His specialty is in using negative space and long exposures and Bryce uses these techniques to capture some amazing and truly artistic real-life images.


All of this plus world-class surgery delivered in a world-class location.

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