With my expertise in penile lengthening procedures, I am often referred all kinds of penile problems.

These are usually an inability to retract the foreskin which can be the result of a tight frenulum or a small opening in the foreskin not allowing the head to protrude through something called a phimosis. A common reason for circumcision is phimosis, where the opening of the foreskin is too tight, causing a painful erection because the foreskin cannot be retracted. The most optimal solution and the one with the best results for this painful condition, is a circumcision. This will fix the problem completely.

However, if my patient prefers to retain their foreskin, there are numerous other plastic surgery techniques that are available to widen the opening in the foreskin, without having a circumcision performed. A circumcision can still be preferred having most of the foreskin so that the foreskin is not as long and still covers the head of the penis. There are various techniques available for circumcisions, but from my experience optimal results are achieved by ensuring that sensitivity is retained and that scarring is minimal (the scar is located approximately 1cm below the head of the penis).

Circumcisions are fairly straightforward procedures with great results, the main goal is not to remove too much skin. The circumcision procedure takes approximately one hour, under a local or general anaesthetic and can be performed as a day only procedure.


The frenulum of the penis is a small tissue attachment that attaches the foreskin to the prepuce or head of the penis.

The foreskin should be able to be retracted fully from the head without the frenulum stopping it.

The surgical procedure involves a horizontal incision in the frenulum, which is then restitched so that the frenulum is longer and does not cause pain on penile erection. This is a short procedure, completed in 30 minutes and can be performed under a local anaesthetic if wanted, but mostly patients choose general anaesthesia.

Post-operatively for both circumcisions and frenuloplasties, you will have some swelling and discomfort in the area for a few days and it is advised to refrain from sexual activity for 4-6 weeks, to give the sutures time to heal completely.


A few final words

Over the years, the act of circumcision has been controversial, however I have personally performed hundreds of circumcisions in my practice, for patients who have both personal and functional reasons to request such a procedure.

So in conclusion, the techniques I use for circumcision and frenuloplasty are well honed over many years, recovery is quick and the results are predictable and excellent.

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