A moment with Dr Caminer: Medical Z-Bra: Dr David Caminer discusses his views on post-operative bras.

Dr. Caminer values the importance of post-operative compression for his patients. Regarding compression following a breast procedure Dr. Caminer always puts his patient’s into a post-operative bra. “Everyone gets a post-operative bra and I choose to use the Medical ZBra for this” says Dr. Caminer.

Considering his standard of practice, Dr. Caminer states “as soon as the operation is finished we put them into a ZBra.  Usually in the operating theatre so I know the bra is put on correctly with the drains coming out where I like them”.  This is uniformly Dr. Caminer’s practice ensuring the post-operative bra compliments his surgical techniques and results.

Regarding his surgical results Dr. Caminer says, “With a lot of operations, be they Breast Operations, Liposuction or Abdominoplasties, you want to reduce post-operative swelling and edema.”

Dr. Caminer believes in ensuring correct compression of the breasts, in particular in keeping them in a natural neutral position “I like the ZBra to be worn so the implants get supported.  I especially like them to wear the ZBra at night” says Dr. Caminer who feels that this is especially important in preventing implant rotation when using anatomical implants. Dr. Caminer adds regarding the importance of ensuring the correct positioning of the implants “The ZBra is not giving undue restrictions in different areas to put the pocket out. It supports the breasts”.

Dr. Caminer does not base his choice of post-operative garment on price. Rather than using cheaper sports or Lycra bra for his patients, Dr. Caminer chooses to use the Medical ZBra, affirming, “I have control of the style, I know the compression.  Rather than people going and choosing their own bra I feel more comfortable saying that these are the bras we recommend. I know they are not going to be too tight and so I feel more at ease recommending a bra I know”.

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A Moment with Dr. Caminer : The Medical ZBra

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