Post-operative care for Breast Enlargement / Breast Implant Surgery / Breast Augmentation

Post-operatively in breast augmentation patients will have drains left to drain the excess fluid from the pocket created to house the implant. These drains are usually in the body for 3 days. I am happy to remove these drains once the drainage on each side is less than approximately 25ml in 24 hours. You should phone the office after three days to inform my staff how the drains are draining. If it is below 25ml in 24 hours, they will bring you in for me to remove your drains. Alternatively your general practitioner or doctor can remove these drains. I am happy for patients to shower post-operatively whether the same day or the following day.

Patients will be fitted with a bra at the time of the operation. This bra should be worn day and night for approximately six weeks. I am happy for the bra to be removed for showering. The wound can get wet in the shower. I would prefer that it is not soaked in a bath. The dressings over the wounds should remain intact until the sutures are ready to be removed at 10-12 days post-op.

I would like patients to report gross swelling and gross asymmetries post-operatively. Oral antibiotics are usually prescribed for five days and I do not believe any ongoing antibiotics is usually warranted. Pain killers similarly will be prescribed. Jumping, jogging and aerobic activity is restricted for approximately 6 weeks so there is no up and down movement of the breast.

Walking and cycling a stationery bike is acceptable. Lifting within reason is acceptable as long as it doesnʼt last too long and is not too repetitive. You should not sleep on your front for at least 6 weeks.