Breast Reduction – Post Procedure Facts & Advice

Post-operative care for Breast Reduction

In breast reductions a bra will be fitted at the end of the operation. I would be happy for patients to shower the next day. The bra can be removed. I would prefer the bra to be worn 24/7 for six weeks. Drains are left in each breast post-operatively. These drains can be removed once the drainage is less than 25ml in 24 hours per breast. This usually takes 3-7 days for the drainage to settle. All the tape on the breast should be left alone and I will look at wounds after 10-12 days. Oral antibioitics are usually prescribed for ten days as well as oral pain relief.

After the sutures are removed at 10-12 days post-op, I will discuss using tape and scar cream for three months post-operatively. Jumping, jogging and aerobic activity is restricted for approximately six weeks so there is no up and down movement of the breast. Walking and cycling on a stationery bike is acceptable. Lifting within reason is acceptable as long as it doesnʼt last too long and is not too repetitive.